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Profile of the company

Filozofie společnosti

Company profile

ADAM - zahradnická, a.s. is a specialised wholesale company focused on business with plant material, broad-leaved and coniferous trees and shrubs and other associated range of products. Separate product line called ADAM TRÁVNÍKY is created by wide a range of products intended for development and maintenance of lawns (grass seeds BARENBRUG, fertilisers and substrates, grass sods, aid preparations etc.). Our partners are gardeners, gardening companies, projects architects of both public and private greenery, cities, villages, golf courses, football clubs, race courses and all subjects being involved grass sites.


Centre Lelekovice u Brna

Centre has been built in 1998 in calm and peaceful surroundings in Lelekovice just on the edge of Brno. Areal of the centre consists of 4 000 m2 outside stock and 600 m2 inside stock. Centre Lelekovice is focused primarily on sale of plant material in Moravia, part of south Bohemia and Slovakia and sale of the product line ADAM TRÁVNÍKY. Characteristic of the centre is stability. Permanent management take systematically and purposefully care of the company's development and customer care.


Centre Bříství

In spring 2010, a new wholesale centre has been opened in Bříství. Areal of the centre consists of 15 500 m2 of sales garden with plants and trees for direct purchase and 1 800 m2 of handling space for orders preparation etc. We also distribute grass seeds Barenbrug and fertilisers in here. Bříství is a modern centre with a tree nursery production from a wide range of both Czech and foreign cultivators.