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Pireco Aquaaid Barenbrug Hnojiva Rohože Sedum Travníkové koberce


In 2013 we have introduced a comprehensive product line called ADAM TRÁVNÍKY. This product line unifies before-the-introduction-sold products and, at the same time, comes with new products for grass establishment and development. Wide range of new has been added up to the previous range including product from Dutch companies Mivena and Melspring, Norwegian fertilisers Yara up to fertilisers Forestina. Our grass seeds Barenbrug offerings are not longer something new for our customer, however, we also add up the newest and innovative world mixtures. In 2014, we have enriched our offer with a wide range of substrates.

Besides our basic range of products, we specialised on grass sods supply from the Netherlands. Our partners Direct Gazon and Hendriks Graszoden, with their 800 Ha of production areas, arrange for sufficient capacity of a high-profile grass sod. Supply includes grass sods based on various seeds mixtures in diverse weight, from 40 cm for gardens and orchards up to 240 for sports pitches (football, rugby etc.). 

In 2014 we have added up Sedum blanket into our offer. Those are grown mats comprised of 5-8 types of family Sedum, about 0,8x1,2m (0,96m2) large. Mats are transported with around 50 pieces on a pallet. They are prepared for an immediate putting down and the have a quick effect of stonecrop turf.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of aid and stimulation preparations for plants and soil from a variety of companies such as PRP technologies (Olmix), Melspring, Aqua Aid and Pireco. With Pireco and Aqua Aid we have established a mutually successful cooperation in the las two years. First of them has widened our product line with biologically-based products for nutrition and protection of plants. Whole concept of this company is based on contest against diseases and pests.

The latter is a producer of soil penetrating and hydrating chemical agents.

Unification of single products into a rational comprehensive product line enables an easier orientation in choosing of products and, at the same time, provides with a possibility of complex solution for grass establishment and maintenance.

Adam-zahradnická, a.s. has developed its market position on a long-term partnerships strategy and close contact with the clients in which technical support is a matter of course. Our philosophy is cooperation the top companies within the industry so that we could ensure high quality and efficiency of every single product.